Developing Software application through Documentation


Developing Software application through Documentation

Software documentation is very much essential before developing any software. It is like a guide who makes you aware of whenever or wherever a developer digresses during the development life cycle of any project. It explains everything about processes, requirement, delivery and specification.  The technical documentation helps any new resource to learn and adapt faster and at the same time it accelerates the learning curve of the deployed developers. The documentation helps in the various stages of the software development life cycle whether it is testing, deployment or delivery of the project.

Database information, server information, data model diagram etc are well enumerated in the documentation and it also helps at the time of troubleshooting the project. In case of troubleshooting the documentation helps running into production issues. Documentation is a must in the software development industry to make process efficient because it keeps track of all the aspects that should be into the development life cycle.

Code repository, installation and configuration documentation are also very essential. The documentation should be comprehensive, easy to understand to set up in a new application environment. It is the onus of the document creator to write the steps in detail, add flow diagram & screenshots and manage the versioning of documents.

In other words it can be said that documentation is the backbone of any application. In addition, it is the responsibility of the document creator to make it easy to understand. Documentation is a helpful tool for memorizing and keep organized the whole process of requirement gathering, feasibility analysis, development, testing, deployment and maintenance. If there is proper documentation before any application development, success probability is always more.

Off late companies are using JIRA and using Confluence as a documentation tool. Apart from Confluence there are few more tools which can be used for documentation. Any documentation can be perfect when it is prepared through a right tool which makes information accessible in a limited pool with validation. In a software company it is like discipline and company has to make it habit for the mutual benefit of the company as well as clients.

Confluence is a great tool and in Xatcovis we have been using it a lot, however, there are other tools in the market but for us confluence is a good fit for us.

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