How important your imagery on your website


How important your imagery on your website

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Just visualize a scenario, a good friend of yours sharing a link of a website and says “check this out, I think it’s something you’d be interested in”.With full of expectation you click on the link, the initial glance of 5 second is enough to make a decision of like or dislike. You will certainly decide what the website is going to about. So what is the bedrock of your perception? I guess the designing was main factor to affirm the decision. The driver of your experience was certainly the imagery which have triggered your emotion. If the emotion was triggered in positive way it was the imagery relevancy, good relationship between imagery and content and a good information architecture which kept you scrolling down the web pages.

Being a human being we can visualize and imagine the things instantly. Imagination plays a greater role in differentiating an ordinary imagery and a special one. And of course the special imagery captivate a bigger audience. It is only an imagery which can convey much more than a big text. It helps in understand the complex processes very comprehensively. So you should have a perfect combination of text and imagery on your website to reach a greater mass.

The Relevancy importance

The images that you want to use on your website convey more about your company. It portrays what you want to say and what you want to show. Unique images with good pixels improve the user experience resulting in more hit. A relevant image with relevant content display your product and services in impressive way which ultimately benefit your business. Websites with unique images rank well in search rankings, they’re also grabbing attention when they show up on search results pages.  You should not want to add an image just for the sake of taking up space if it’s not relevant to the content on that page. It is very important for you to maintain the consistency of chosen images to support further the content. If you find any images distracting from the objective or having white pages switch out immediately.

Stock Photography- Good idea or bad idea

Photographs not only shows your offerings but also the appeal in a way to act.  The professional and enticing images attract the users. A well-designed and unique imagery on a website holds user which ultimately lead to business. Stock photography is a good idea when your budget is limited and to hire a photographer is out of your budget. But you should be focused in attaining the unique and original photographs whenever your budget allows. A few things that have to keep in our mind when you have opted for stock photographs.

First, you have the right idea about the aura of image you are supposed to choose. The image has a clear focus and conveying the right messages as well. You may even make your stock photographs unique through overlay and cropping. In addition to select the right photograph of your concern.

Second, you are supposed to rent the vision of other as yours, using the stock photographs. In addition, you have to compromise with perfect picture to good enough which not truly match with your vision and message. In this respect the “good enough” is not enough in long run and may cost your business or revenue.

Finally, using stock photographs be good when you have budget constrain but when you have great to start with stock photographs are not the best option. Every business is unique in their nature as far as the vision or objectives are concerned. The businesses are equally aligned with the dynamic state of its execution so stock photographs will certainly convey the right message to your intended clients.

Be original and Creative

We believe value of being original and creative which reflect our message to visitors. The visitors feel special when they find original and intended imagery and design. If you or your company does have the means to invest in original, professional photography, by all means, please do. There are other benefits of being original like you have not to worry about any legal implication while using the original imageries.

Off late the websites are digital showcase of your product or services. Show your actual products, services in front of your targeted visitors so when they come to your site they find something new especially in the service offerings and use good quality pictures showcasing your products. For the e-commerce websites it is always advisable to showcase the original photographs to avoid any mismatch when the customer receives your product. Taking photos from multiple angles can help make your customers feel more at ease and allows them to gain a sense of what to expect when they open that box. You have to provide as much information to customers, so they feel comfortable making that purchase.

Use the original photographs of your employees and your clients, so they feel connected with the company. This will create a trust among your clients as well visitors.

Final Words…

Photography is an investment and consider it as your fixed cost investment. The originality always drive traffic to your site, evoke nerves and connects with visitors which ultimately converts into sales. A good imagery engages the visitors, keep them intrigued and urge him to make a decision.

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