How to choose a right software Development company for you


How to choose a right software Development company for you

Choosing the right software company for your project or product is always a tough task for any company/individual. It takes a lot of effort and checks to begin with a company, you are supposed to work with over the next few months or sometimes even years.

We came across many clients who has burnt their fingers in the past with freelancers or unorganized agencies. Communicating with a few of our clients we felt that a client should figure out a checklist before choosing a business partner.

Discard the cheapest:

  • Strike out the cheapest at first because that will not be delivered. In addition, there will be lack of transparency in the development process and most of the time you will chase to the agent.
  • The codes you will get are poorly written and not well documented. Sometime the agent will left you in the lurch without a proper communication.
  • In any circumstances if you opt for the cheapest offer you will pay more at the end of your project, like you buy cheapest product from online platform and it gets broken after a week or two.


  • To gauge expertise of any agent or company is tough and tedious task. You can take help of case studies, client testimonials, their online presence and reviews to begin with. To demonstrate the expertise you need to be tricky in terms of technology stack possessed by your consultant. It may be the POC or mock up.

Trust and communication:

  • Off late communication and trust is more important than price and other offerings. Try to find a company who always looks for improvement in development process to deliver you on time. It may be chasing you up and reminding for your responses.
  • Prefer a SCRUM/Agile development process – Choose a company have a process tool. Nowadays, most of companies work in SCRUM. So, things like daily standups, sprints, and other defined things should be in regular basis.


  • Searching your consultant you should be more focused on the instinct of innovation of your consultant. What kind of value addition the consultant can provide you to compete with your competitors. Simply developing a software is not a big task now a days. You have to understand how agile your consultant in providing you a cutting edge solution?


  • When you are looking for any consultant choose the passionate one. You can easily check the passion comparing the excitement and energy of one consultant over the other. You may be simply “Just another customer” for one consultant but other will make you feel special. It is more about the culture and values of company so pick up passionate one.

Avoid Yes Sayers:

  • Discussing your project idea and if your consultant is saying “yes” always without feasibility. Avoid such yes sayers. Like someone says you should avoid this feature at first it will be your waste of money or advice for another tool to make your project more user friendly and comprehensive you have to consider him.


We at Xatcovis Solutions envisages such issues most of the time and advice our customers to gauge us, communicate frequently with us and then trust us to begin with your projects.

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