Banking And Finance

Financial Industry practice is a conglomeration of technological knowledge with domain expertise to increase operational efficiency, regulation compliance, security and reliability of operations. We envisages the risk & opportunity and have a unique mix of solutions for this industry.

With technical competencies and domain expertise to serve financial services industry, Xatcovis provides a mix of application development, integration, and maintenance services. With great project experience and expertise in areas like business analysis, Web Services, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (BI & DW), DBA, infrastructure management, etc, Xatcovis is capable to provide solutions to business requirements and challenges across the financial domain.

The ever changing accounting and regulatory requirements have made the banking and finance industry very competitive. Keeping the mentioned facts the industry relies heavily on its information systems and technologies, and investing in upgrading and maintaining data, systems and infrastructure. The need for a robust finance software development solution is primary to survive and thrive in this competitive industry.

Range of Our Domain Services

We provide solutions such as web services, secure networking and data transmissions, Data warehousing, and business intelligence to help financial organization to maximize value from their customer relationships, transforming business processes and optimizing product portfolios. Being domain expert we understand client’s needs and challenges, and accordingly provide solutions which add value in term of cost and quality. Our team having competencies and domain knowledge for the following sectors:

Banking – Retail and investment banking

Insurance – Operations Management, On-line Portals, Agents management, Life, Health, Auto, General Policy Management

Mutual Funds – Portfolio Management and Analytics

Our Working and Service Models

We partner with Financial Services clients in a variety of engagement models, based on their requirements we offer dedicated offshore development teams for large projects, on-site teams of experts and hybrid models too. As far as the business models are concerned it is well defined on our website.

Xatcovis Benefits

Our competent team of Xatcovis offers the following advantages:

  • Quick, cost-effective development cycle
  • Experience across a broad range of industries
  • Large library of component code (shopping cart, calendar, mailing list, and more)
  • Efficient and knowledgeable and professional management structure
  • Comprehensive suite of services
  • Reduce operational expenditures and improve efficiencies

We are very much inclined to provide innovative and professional services that will exceed your expectations.

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