E- Learning and Education

The technology advancement more specifically in IT industry has created a big vistas in the field of education through m- learning.  m-learning has been adopted for accessing e-learning materials on mobile device platforms, including smart phones and tablets on various platforms like Android, iOS and Windows etc.

Smartphones & Tablets are used by a large no of population which leverages them to use these tools for better learning and understanding. This is ideal for people while on the go or for taking their training sessions away when you can’t access your laptop or computer.

It is estimated in a survey that around 62% of the workplace is using mobile devices to do one or more task at their workplace. Smartphones or Tablets provides flexibility to a certain extent to learn new things to the users.

Advantages of m-Learning 

  • Learning anywhere, anytime
  • No Geographic boundaries
  • No travel time connected through wireless connectivity
  • Instantaneous messaging

M-Learning or E- Learning Models

Flipped Classroom: A combination of offline & online learning where a learner can master the initial concepts offline & for doubt clarification or problem solving can refer online doubt clearing session.

Game Based Learning: The advantage of game-based learning is its capability to grab and retain the interest and attention of the learner throughout the learning process. Several mobile applications for learning subjects like mathematics, English, and statistics already exist in the mobile application store.

The use of blogs and communities to facilitate learning by collaboration and sharing of knowledge is called social learning. Nowadays, many social media networks like LinkedIn and few more have also come up with alliances across various domains. The most prominent usage of smartphones is for accessing social media networks. Support for learning provided by the social media networks will go a long way in promoting social learning using mobile devices.

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