Mobile Trader – Web Application

Mobile Trader – Web Application


Client’s Business Problem:

Mobile trader is a web based software application catering to B2C market place across Canada- Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Surrey, Richmond and USA – Seattle.

The application will be used by the user to resale mobile, tab and accessories related (mobile and tabs) like charger, Bluetooth etc. Apart from the accessories it will also provide the services.

  • This application will act like a market place to help buyer and seller to come on a common platform for business.
  • This application/Software is an online e commerce platform to trade mobile, accessories, Services.
  • The purpose of this web based application to generate revenue from the trading of Mobile and related accessories along with selling services.

Xatcovis’s Solution:

Xatcovis Solutions developed a sustainable, accessible, functional, enduring, emotionally resonant design at first and accordingly developed from the scratch.

The Mobile Trader concept was slightly unique and has to showcase the used product in a way that should look new. The designing team worked hard creating a stunning user experience with usability while development team worked precisely taken care of the technicalities with feasibility to deliver sound and performance oriented application.

This project was divided into various modules to work on for three resources.


  1. Login/Registration
  2. Search Listing
  3. Featured Ads
  4. Recent Listing
  • Listing as per time of listing by registered user
  • Filter box
  1. Latest Trending ads
  • Listing as per advertisement price
  1. Static pages
  • Site Map
  • Blog
  • Privacy Statements
  • Social Media integration


  1. Admin dashboard
  2. Brokerage Calculation
  3. Service e-mails
  4. Mobile, Tab and accessories inventory management
  5. Terms and conditions as per user & specification

Specific Features

The challenge was to manage the paid ads as per the price and timeline. To showcase the uploaded phone, tab and accessories images saleable for the users. Manage the terms and conditions as per the specification, expiry of features of phones, tabs and accessories.

Business Benefits

The outcome project is a good e-commerce solution for the client targeting B2C segment. Xatcovis provided a robust portal for ensuring good UI and AI for the users of the business owner. The project is in place with faster uploading of images, faster search for trends.

Xatcovis also provided the business owner a good security for prices, specification and information about buyer and seller encrypting the data received. One of the most distinctive feature is managing the trade agreements as per the specification and user requirement.

Client Testimonial

The deployed team (Specially Amit) is impressed with the quality of their work and their customer service. Xatcovis guided me well to have a top-notch product, their expertise and ability guided the process which helped me to identify the mistakes in the original outline and resolve them.

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  • Region: USA
  • Industry: Trading & services
  • Type: Web
  • Engagement model: Fixed Cost
  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Resource: 3 Resources

Technologies Used

  • Jquery 1.12.4
  • PHP
  • Codegniter
  • My SQL
  • AJAX
  • Apache

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