Web Development Trends in coming years


Web Development Trends in coming years

Most important part of the technology is its advancement with time and “Websites” that is your professional representation on internet is not an exception. At present time, speed and responsiveness for websites is important as uses of mobile devices is increasing day by day. In addition to speed and responsiveness, security and technological innovations is very much required keeping in mind the digital dependency.

The said reasons compelled Xatcovis, A Web Development firm in Noida to adapt in the ever changing world of Web Development. We have analysed market trends, technological advancement, modern innovations and ideas to provide a concentrated piece of information on development trends in coming years. Here is roundup of front end web development trends and technologies that will shape in coming days.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWAs have a high level of functionality, it manage an instant, independent and reliable experience without cache issue. In nutshell PWA is a web application which provides functionalities available to native apps like push notifications & offline. It is designed to adapt to the browser, screen size, and device specifications of the user. It work on-demand and don’t take up much storage space and loads two to three times faster than a usual app as a result, reduces server load. Tinder, Uber, Pinterest, Twitter are a few examples of PWA.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is an open source initiative by Google which enables pages to load very fast. Google loves speedy websites which results in higher position on SERP. AMP improves the overall experience and website visibility, useful for SEO specially increases mobile traffic. We have recently redesigned a website for our client, using AMP and the difference is noticeable. To build an accelerated mobile page, you should be ready to use a new, purpose-built AMP HTML open framework.

Voice search optimization

Voice search queries are growing with a tremendous rate. Traditional search is fine but people are more inclined to speak to assistants rather than type. Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana are the most popular voice search assistants at this point. So a developer need to introduce voice search functionality into their websites.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Off late businesses are 24/7 across different time zones which makes a good customer service costly. Chatbots powered with AI and machine learning is a good option and a worthy investment for this purpose. This application can answer FAQs, connect with the right human client assistant, take an order, etc.

API-First Development

In present scenario considering the use of mobiles, wearables, and other devices that are integrated with one another. That’s where the API-first development approach arises. Contrary to the traditional development approach where companies develop the APIs completing the design and front end development, API-first development doesn’t force one part of the team wait until the other will finish its work.

Coming years are going to be more exciting for new technologies in the web development industry. Xatcovis has equipped itself in tandem with upcoming trends and technology. If you want to set your business apart this year, you’d better consider some trends from the list above or write to us for any Web Development Services. We are one of the best Web Development Services provider in Noida.

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